Just a bit past midnight around the time the last train departs. Inside the basement of a building positioned in the outskirts of the busy streets of Roppongi, a narrow bar of about 20 tsubo1 Unit of measurement in Japan. Wiki was prepared

There are 3 guest within the establishment.

One is a man in his latter twenties. Long hair that doesn’t reach his shoulders dyed a light brown.  A light beige suit that boasts its value along with a purple knit tie and light blue shirt. Along with a watch from a high class brand on his wrist. He may be the son of a rich man, or perhaps he may be the talented young president of a company.

A woman in the seat next to him who appears to be in her mid twenties is seducing him. An office lady in a suit. Whether it’s from the strict culture of her company, or if it’s her nature, she has a modest amount of makeup and her hair is in a plain chignon that shows no sign of collapsing.

They talk with each other in the innermost seat at the counter.

And the last person, a boy in a school uniform sitting four seats away in the center of that same counter. Compared to the bartender that was standing there as if it was an interview, the boy had his legs crossed in an exaggerated manner, as if they’ve been friends for a decade, and he asks in a cold tone.

「…… And, where’s the payment?」

He appears to be in the middle of his teens.

His outfit is that of an extremely ordinary Japanese person. It is a uniform belonging to a high school in the Tokyo area. He had single edged eyelids, uneven teeth, and cheek bones that are slightly pushed out. His hair style is as if a boy of his age went to the beauty parlor or barber shop, and asked for nothing other then to keep the length.

It can’t be said that he is cool by any means. But he isn’t ugly enough to have fingers pointed at him. He’d simply be another person among the middle of the pack in the school caste. A person who nobody would remember after graduation.

But even then, if there were something remarkable about this situation, it’d be the existence with whom he is exchanging words.

「It was deposited in the same place as always」

The one who answered was the man that stands across the counter, the owner of the establishment.

It may be because it’s Roppongi, but he isn’t a Japanese man. A self-proclaimed American born black man, with a giant body about 2 meters tall. His muscular build can be seen through the black suit vest he wears.

His upper arm is thicker than the boy’s thigh. A laceration runs through the right eye on his face. And it reaches up to his cleanly shaven head. An appearance like that of a western action movie.


「And, about the next request……」

「I want to rest for a bit. Give it to someone else」

「…… I see」

A terribly imbalanced pair, like this, even from across the counter you’d feel a great discomfort. Especially for an asian boy with a medium build to take such a curt attitude with a stern faced black man, anyone who sees it would get chills down their spines.

In truth, the man and woman who were once speaking are now watching over them in terror. Every now and then the man and woman took glances, worried that the boy would be hit by the bartender. It was as if they were saying, is this kid really all right.

However, even with the worry of the other guest, the person himself showed no concern.

Without any restraint, the boy recomposes his legs and continues talking.

「Give me another of the same」

「Should you have another? You have school tomorrow don’t you」

「Don’t mind it. Since I’ll just be sleeping 」

「…… I see」

In accordance with the boys order, the bartender makes a new drink.

With skilled movements he uses the ice pick to cut the round ice. He pours it into the newly prepared glass and grabs a bottle from the shelf behind the counter.  Without saying a word, he pours in a double.

A strong iodine scent tickles the boys nose at the time the drink was passed over.

「It’s about time to replenish this……」

The bartender mutters while looking at the small amount remaining in the bottle.

As he said, only a quarter of the contents remain. The amber contents of the bottle sway along with the movements of his arm. Shined on by the refraction of the dim lighting, the bottle emits a dull sparkle.

Looking at that, the boy took a somewhat strong tone.

「Don’t run out?」

「…… It’s a particularly rare sake. So I have to deal with it properly」

「If you run out of that, then I won’t take any jobs from you」

「I, I understand. I’ll prepare it without fail. I have an acquaintance that likes it」

「Then it’s fine」

The boy drinks the freshly made sake.

The chain of events here were completely mismatched. If only the boy had a remarkable appearance, then it’d be more easy to accept. However, he is ordinary. Exceedingly ordinary. Single edged eyelids and crooked teeth, and cheekbones that stick out a bit.

It can’t be said that he is cool by any means. But he isn’t ugly enough to have fingers pointed at him. He’d simply be another person among the middle of the pack in the school caste. Exceedingly ordinary, and extremely asian. It’s because of this that he does not fit into the current situation.

The figure of him drinking sake with his elbow on the counter is comedic. The person himself might be feeling good, but the ones watching from the side can’t help but feel irritation, anger,  and embarrassment. A type of scene that would become part of one’s dark history.

But even then, if there was an extraordinary point about him, it is the existence with whom he is exchanging words.

「Come again next week」

The brawly bartender says it as if worried about the boy.

「…… If I feel like it」

The average looking guy gave a curt answer.

That last behavior was exactly that of a middle schooler during their school festival

It does not suit him in the least.

「Oi oi, I’m counting on you? Really」

He looked at him with a face as if he had a bad sake, and the bartender muttered in a state of defeat.

The name of this bad boy is, Nishino Gokyou

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