After three days of holding it in, Rose Rebmann had finally finished excreting and she is now washing her hands in her bathroom.

She meticulously applies the hand soap, and makes sure to wash everything from the gaps between her fingers to the crevice inside her nails. She washes her hands so that not even a single micron would be left behind. It was done with such force that it made it look like she was rubbing her parents enemy on a grater. That expression of hers was very grim.

It took 10 minutes.

The gentle sound of the water flowing in the bathroom echoes.

Finally being satisfied, she begins rinsing off the bubbles from her hand with the water flowing from the faucet, and her expression softens just a little.

It was in the middle of that, the back of her hand touches the faucet. In an instant, her face changes to one that looks like the world had just ended.


Once again she pours soap onto the palm of her hand and bubbles begin to furiously come forth. She washes the hands that she had just finished washing with more force than before.

Another 10 minutes pass.

This time she carefully washes away the bubbles using the tap water. It looked like she was about to burst into tears as she had an expression that was a mix of both irritation and sadness.

At last, she finished washing away the bubbles and grabs a towel.

She wipes her finger tips with a brand towel. Painstakingly wiping from the tips of her fingers up to her wrist. The sleeves of her loungewear were soaked due to the way in which she washed her hands.

「…… Troublesome, how troublesome. 」

The location is a single room in a luxury apartment located in the Tokyo area.

She exits the bathroom after finally getting rid of all the water on her hands.

Dozens of minutes had passed in that way.

The towel is immediately thrown into the laundry basket. If the laundry is placed in the basket made from the vines of a plant, then the next day it would return neatly folded up in the corner of the room . This flow of events is one of the cycles that have continued to repeat ever since she came here several months ago.


She sits down on the living room sofa.

At the same time, her phone begins ringing. It was making a chopping like sound as it came in contact with the glass of the table. The caller displayed on the screen was someone she met up with a few days ago.

「Really, that woman」

Looking at the wall clock in the room, it was already well past midnight.

「…… Yes, this is Rose」

『Hi, it’s me』

「Of course. You’re the only one who’d call at this time. Francesca」

『I did wait a good while, but I can’t anymore. It’s because that is starting tomorrow』

「Can I interpret that as being able to get their cooperation?」

『No, he didn’t accept. Without an appointment he won’t take it. We can’t wait any longer than this. This isn’t a job we can do late, since there is a line for it』

「……. You want me to die?」

『Ara, will you die?』


Rose’s face hardens at the unconcerned voice. She tried to come up with a response, but she was unable to find anything. Her mouth opens and closes, two times, three times. During that, the one on the other side of the phone continued.

『Let’s meet after school ends tomorrow. Is the usual coffee shop fine?』

「…… fine」

『In that case, good night』


She was completely detached from the conversation that had just occurred. After only several minutes since connecting, the line was cut by one of them. Rose stares at the name of the one she had just spoke with and time displayed on the phone, and becomes irritated.

She throws the phone at the sofa.

Although it was violently thrown, it made a light sound as it fell in between the cushions.

And so, she too entrusts her body to it.

「What was that, that woman. Just how much does she think I considered her, I thought she was approaching him. I waited for more than 3 months, and she couldn’t even get an appointment, just how incompetent can she be to get that result」

She leans her head back and gazes at the ceiling.

A giant ceiling fan is slowly turning without a sound.


Blinking three times, her head swings to the right.

Blinking three times, her head swings to the left.

Blinking three times, her head swings to the right.

Blinking three times, her head swings to the left.

Blinking three times, her head swings to the right.

「…… aah no more, wasn’t it an odd number」

What was muttered were ambiguous words.

It was a complaint that no one but herself could understand.

「Why did I make it three times? I have to do it over again」

While entrusting her body to the sofa, she continues staring at the ceiling, and while blinking, her head swings as she repeats the eccentric behavior. With an irritated face, the ×××× act continues.

This ritual required nearly an hour.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day was the same as the last, classes were over for the day and it was now after school. The students in clubs or extracurricular activities rushed to their designated area. The ones who weren’t in those took their bag and returned home.

Nishino Gokyou is in the latter group.


It was an incident that happened as he was leaving the classroom, right before he reached the entrance. His body suddenly received an impact. Someone was running and ended up hitting his shoulder. He didn’t fall down, but he did stumble from the surprise attack.

「Ah, I’m sorry!」


What happened, he hears a voice to his side and turns to it. And there was Rose Rebmann. She too must be in the middle of returning home, since she is holding her school bag.

The buttons and keychains that have recently become popular with high school girls were not on her bag. Since it doesn’t take long for those things to be bought and pollute bags, it looked nice.

「I’m sorry? I was in a bit of a hurry」

「Aah, I don’t mind」

「Is that so? Thank you」

How many times was it.

The number of times she bumped into him was on his mind. Several months back the girl names Rose transferred to the adjacent class, and there were many chances to come in contact from break time to after school, or even when their classes were together for physical education.

He was doubting as to whether these points where a coincidence.

But even then, she became the school idol not even a week after transferring. It wasn’t as if he hesitated speaking to her, but while not knowing her true intentions, the time continued passing until today.

However, even he didn’t want to leave this as it was, so he opens his mouth.

「There’s something I’d like to check…」

This was his first aggressive action in these several months.

Considering his circumstances, there is a need to think of everything. If his conjecture was correct, then even if she was the school idol, he’d have to appropriately deal with her.

However, the question that he put his resolve into, it did not reach her.

「Sorry. I’m really in a hurry, I don’t have time」

「…… I see」

「If you want to talk then, umm…… How about, tomorrow after school?」


「Thank you. Then I’ll excuse myself」

To Nishino, Rose Rebmann would be an unattainable flower. Elegant, intelligent, and even if she wasn’t lively, she’d still be the center of attention. Such an evaluation was held by not only the other students, but also the students of other schools.

While having the loli body of an elementary schooler, her intelligence and the open mindedness from her daily school life charms everyone.  There were also many lolicons that were knocked out by the appearance of her in twintails during PE.

Today too, the sight of a smile rising on her face, Nishino felt some goodwill towards her. However, that’s only as long as she doesn’t cross the line, it is a longing mixed with resignation. Just gazing from a distance was an appropriate distance.

Even with the cynical attitude he usually has, in the end, he is just a boy of his age in the insides.

「Aah, be careful on your way……」

Nishino sees her off with his usual sour look.

For that exchange of words was only a small incident.

On the other hand, the one who was sent off heads to the entrance and quickly changes out of her indoor shoes. She leaves the school behind in a run and after running several dozens of meters from the entrance, a taxi picks her up. Conveying her destination to the driver, the taxi only moves several kilometers.

The destination was the business district within Tokyo.

At the end of that was a small building. Away from the main street, and in a ward with few pedestrians, that was Rose’s destination. She descends the taxi and after walking a few more meters, she enters a coffee shop that looks like a private house.

Karan Koron, a dry sound rang out. It was the sound of the bell that signals customers.

Rose scans through the shop. She finds her acquaintance in the far back and quickly heads to that spot. The waitress who was about to meet her understood this and turned back to the kitchen.

「Ara, you were fast」

「Weren’t you the one rushing me? You even sent me a message」

「I was just worried that Rose-chan might be late?」

「…… I wonder」

A table for two.

Rose pulls the empty chair and sits down.

「And, did you find a way to deal with it?」

「Rose-chan, what do you want to drink?」

「……. This woman」

Rose doesn’t bother hiding her irritation.

The one sitting in front of her is the beautiful blonde woman that appeared in front of Nishino the other day. She was now sitting in a coffee shop in the outskirts that she happened to pass. Her plump thighs escape from her mini skirt, and whether she wants it or not, it attracts the eyes of others. It was further pronounced as she boldly crossed her legs.

Her womanliness was emphasized more when compared to the currently active high school girl that is just under 130 centimeters. While they are both caucasian, they are complete opposites. For an asian person that can’t differentiate the faces of those from abroad, they might think of them as siblings separated by years.

「Would black tea be fine?」

「Coffee. Expresso」

「Ara, you stopped drinking black tea? Even thought you were so obsessed with it」

「What idiot would order their favorite from a shop that they know it’s bad in?」

「Speaking of which, you did say that before」

「If you continue this pointless chatter any longer, I’ll go back?」

The beautiful girl glares at the beautiful woman with irritation. After receiving such blunt hatred, Francesca finally answers the question.

「The location is being suppressed. The start time will be exactly midnight, at the same time she carries it in」

「Is it a cute girl this time? The previous one was quite bad」

「Someone suitable to be a maid was prepared」

「Maid? Is it another one of those situations with your bad taste」

「Ara, it isn’t a bad choice when getting a gentleman to fall for you?」

「Please don’t pair me up with some sexual deviant like you? I want to stay away from those things until I marry. While it my be premarital, don’t pair me up with some woman that would open her legs for anyone」

「For those type of children, if they try it out a bit then they’d get addicted」

「Be quiet. If you continue this trivial talk, then I’ll abandon the request and leave?」

「Ara, are you in a position that lets you take that choice?」


The beautiful girl couldn’t find the words to reply.

Seeing that, the beautiful woman in the mini skirt smiles.

「Do you understand? If you want to go now then I’ll take you 」

「No need. I’ll go after I change」

「Eeh, in that case I’m counting on you. Contact me once your preparations are done」

「…… Understood」

The beautiful blonde woman stands as soon as they finished talking. She gulps down the coffee that has barely decreased and pays the bill that was on the table. At the same time she didn’t forget to include Rose’s order of black tea.

「Thank you」

The one across the register who lowered their head was the manager.

The manager across the register lowered his head.

The black tea is bad. The coffee is also bad. There were no products that stood out. The locations wasn’t good either. And the interior is dull. Even people who are craving sweets at the moment skip this place. But the reason the shop hasn’t gone under is because it was solely the hobby of the land owner.

「Really, I’m getting fed up from these troublesome jobs」

Muttering to no one in particular, Rose leaves her seat following the beautiful woman.

She takes out a 500 yen coin from her purse to put on top of the table as a tip.

She places it on the table, and strokes it with her index finger.

Once, twice, thrice, she strokes it and for some reason sits back down.

As if thinking, that’s right, she immediately stands back up and she strokes the coin with her middle finger.

Once, twice, thrice, she strokes it and for some reason she sits back down.

As if thinking, that’s right, she immediately stands back up and she strokes the coin with her ring finger.

Once, twice, thrice, she strokes it and for some reason sits back down.

During that process, her expression was extremely serious.

After repeating this three times, she leaves her seat.

With her strong will, the ritual was completed much more quickly than in her home. At home it’d take at least 20 sets, to finish it while it was still in the single digits, it is something extremely rare to the person in question.

×××× Acknowledged 5 seconds.

Before being seen by the manager, she tries to escape from her risky position.

She forcefully opens the door and heads out.

Karan Koron.

「Thank you」

The sound of the bell attached to the door rings along with the carefree voice of the manager.

Once again, the store is empty

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, Nishino walked through the streets at night in order to by the feed for his pet.

His destination is the 24 hour all purpose discount store. That is where he will get his hamster’s feed, it is the most important thing to him as of now. He’s been busy recently and as a result he was now out of feed that he had stocked up.

He used up the last of the feed yesterday, so he was in trouble for today’s dinner.

And because of that, he is now going out in order to buy the food for his beloved pet.

「…… It’d be good if they’re still selling the same product」

He muttered as he remembers the preferred product of his housemate. As a result of trying multiple products in the past, in the last few months he was able to find the preferred brand here. Even though his partner is a small animal, to Nishino, it is one of his few friends. He doesn’t plan on giving that up.

It was in the middle of that, that the appearance of someone he recognizes entered his vision.

「That is……」

Rose Rebmann.

A beautiful girl walking along the street with a very serious expression. She stands out even more due to the fact that she is a blonde caucasian. It’s been several years since the government took a stance on accepting immigrants. But even then, the majority of people that came were asian, so caucasians stands out.

But even without considering that, she still attracts others attention.

More than the color of her hair or skin, or even her pupil, the most conspicuous thing about her is the rubber suit on her body. There are various tears and frays on it, and beyond them her bare skin is exposed. She is walking all over the city in an appearance unbecoming of a girl her age. Around her waist is what looks like the remains of an apron.

「…… What is that」

The thoughts of the dinner for his pet were now turned to his classmate that is walking on the street.

There are many others that are looking at her. A salary man rushing to catch the train, and a tourist who was caught by a sex shop. Woman dressed in showy clothes for clubs, and the crude looking men who were trying to get those women. And so on.

Rose’s appearance was one that looks like a motorcyclist that fell onto the asphalt after having their motorcycle topple over, and thus there were people that called out to her. Those who were worried were approximately 30 percent, and the other 70 had ulterior motives. She ignores all of this as she continued walking with an upset look.

She turns into a small alley in order to get away from the populated street.


He can just turn a blind eye to this.

However, she was someone he had exchanged words with. And they are also from the same school. If by chance something were to happen tonight, and the following day they were offering a silent prayer at the school assembly, even he’d feel bad.

「…… is she being followed?」

Nishino thinks about what he should do.

To him, procuring the food for his housemate is a rather important mission. However, it isn’t as if he can’t let it be for one night. Because the feed was finished, he filled up the water tank plenty. It should hold out for two or three days.


As he reaches that conclusion Rose’s figure disappears into the shadow of a building.

Nishino breaks into a run.

The way he’s heading is the narrow space created from two tall buildings. Its width is about two meters, a passage that would be difficult for a car to enter. It’s doubtful as to whether it could even be called a road. By moving straight forward for another 50 meters, you’d find yourself in another big street.

There were no other people as Nishino quickly looks for Rose.

About 10 meters ahead.

A girl with a frail stride was there.  It may be difficult for her to support her own weight as she placed her hand on the wall of a building by the road, she could barely stand. Although it’s very slow, she continues moving forward.


As soon as Nishino was about to open his mouth and call out, a figure appeared from a path on the opposite side.

3 latin males with large builds in suits. All of them were equipped with small arms and they all pointed them towards Rose as soon as they appeared. Without wasting any time, they fire. The large noise usually accompanied by the shot was not heard as a silencer was attached to the weapon.

But in exchange, the sound of the cartridge rolling on the ground resounded.

The gun was fired twice, three times. One shot hit Rose’s thigh. Along with a noise, her body fell to the ground. Her head hit the trash can next to her and the blue bucket tumbled over as the contents of the buckets scattered around.

「….. Looks like this became somewhat troublesome」

Nishinio has finally understood the situation.

He instantly kicks the ground and goes to Rose’s side. He closed a distance of about 10 meters in the blink of an eye. Placing one knee on the ground, Nishino embraces her body by placing one arm on her back and the other under her knees. These actions only required several seconds.


As for the one being carried, she didn’t realized his existence until that very moment. Her eyes open wide due to the shock of suddenly seeing her classmate.

「Wh, why are you here」

「I went shopping, and you were walking while beaten up」

「…..That is, it is quite a big coincidence」

「I didn’t think it was normal, and I turned out to be right」

「Y, yes…… My bad」

「By the way, that is?」

「Who knows? Isn’t it some type of bodyguard」

Mutterin in a somewhat frivolous tone, Rose take out a handgun from her bosom. She points this towards the 3 men and fires. The first shot hits the thigh of the man running in the lead, and the second shot hits the head of the man behind the first. There was no sound of the shots.

The latter died.

The former collapsed on the spot and let out a groan as he grabbed his leg.

The third man that was left ignores the other two and readies his pistol as he approaches her.

「Your handling of a gun. It’s quite amazing」

「It isn’t that great」

Batsun, a light sound rang out, the shout from the third man was heading to Rose’s head.

It’s certain death if it hits.

An unavoidable instant death.

However, just a few centimeters from where it was aimed, it came to a stop mid-air.


Rose was taken aback when she saw the bullet stop. A soundless scream caused by the threat that was stopped right in front of her. She could clearly see the warhead that would’ve cut off her remaining life.

Rose was taken aback at the moment she witnessed the bullet stop. A soundless scream caused by the threat that was stopped right in front of her. She could clearly see the warhead that would’ve cut off her remaining life.

「Don’t worry. There’s no problem」

「Eh, N, no way……」

It was as if she couldn’t believe what had just occurred in front of her.

On the other hand, Nishino uninterestedly responded.

「It ends with this」

He takes his left arm from the underside of her knee, and swings it in the direction of the third man. It was swung from the bottom to the top as if scooping up dirt, but something that couldn’t be seen with eyes flew out. Baan, a low sound echoes. And a deep sound is heard from the inside of his belly.

In the next instant, the targets body split in half.

The body was cleanly divided from the crotch and it split into two as if it were cut along the spine. Without any time to moan, the third man falls to the ground. Large amounts of blood spray out from the cut and dye the surroundings in red. It went far enough to reach their feet.

It was as if a giant water balloon had popped.


Rose let out a small breath at the gut-wrenching scene.

On the other hand, the one who caused it continued his words with no signs of panic.

「We’re leaving」

「Y, yes, it looks like that’d be best」

WIth that, Nishino places his hand under Rose’s knee.

And he stands up while holding her.

「Wait, I, I’ll stand on my own!」

「It’s faster like this」

He ignoring her objection and breaks into a run.

And so the average-looking guy soon left the area.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

With Rose’s guidance, Nishino headed towards her house.

The traces of a gun injury can be seen on the thigh under her skirt. It was something that happened in the midst of the battle, so they couldn’t use public transportation. Furthermore, there was a loaded pistol on her bosom. It’d all be over if someone managed to see it. Because of that, Nishino decided to carry her as he moved through the sky.

He flew straight through the darkness of the night.

You may ask, why can he fly, but he himself does not know. In the same way a bird flies through the sky, the average looking guy also flies. It not like he grew wings, nor did he need to move his arms up and down. It was nimble. Calmly, without sound.

They soon arrived to the single room of the apartment that was built last year and was intended for high class foreigners . It is from the largest real estate brand within Tokyo. The monthly payment of the cheapest one room apartment would exceed 3 digits.

It is in there that he faced her.

「I see, you have a regeneration ability」

「….. It’s a trivial thing compared to yours」

「Is it called a regenerator?」

「You can call it anything you want」

When pointed out, she answered in a self-deprecating way.

It seems she doesn’t like it too much.

「That in itself is quite amazing. There’s no need to be modest」

「Is that so? Thankyou」

At the time they arrived Rose’s injury had completely healed. Even though the stains of blood remain, there is no sign of a gun wound. It was certainly there just a few minutes back. And for that to disappear, it was outside the average looking guys expectations.

As a result, they had this exchange.

「……One way or another, um, you really saved me」

Rose continues the conversation.

She was sitting on the sofa in her living room. There was a low table made of glass in front of her, and Nishino was sitting on the other side of it. The room was able to fit three of those close together.

It is such an extravagant place precisely because of the size of the living room.

「No, I don’t mind」

In response to those words of thanks, he speaks in his usual uninterested tone.

For Nishino, this wasn’t the first time he met someone with strange abilities like her. It’s because of this that he wasn’t surprised. He was able to gradually understand the situation, and had no need to further look into it. And he composed herself during their exchange.

Rose on the other hand was unable to calm down.


With her body shaking, she rubs her thighs together. She must be feeling uncomfortable after being saved from such a pitiful situation. Her current embarrassed state is vastly different from how she is within the school.

「Why did you save me?」

「A coincidence. There was no other motive」

「I, is that so?」


Compare to Nishino’s curt attitude, she was very unsteady.

Rose timidly continues her words while trying to figure out his mood.

「Your way of talking is different from school isn’t it? It feels a little rough」

「…..This is for business」

「Business? What do you mean」

「In order to not be looked down on」

「A, ah…..」

Rose showed her understanding towards his words.

For example, if you saw him in the classroom, then he’d be an ordinary student you’d see anywhere. For example, if you saw him in a yearbook, he’d be about 30 percent uglier than the rest. For example, if you saw his reflection in the mirror in a bath, you might think he’s a handsome man. But if you look at him under the sun, he’d turn out to be an average looking guy.

No matter how you see it, he’s an average looking asian guy.

「U, umm……」

Rose was bewildered and didn’t know how to answer.

That was the extent of how ordinary his face was. Single edged eyelids, uneven teeth, and cheek bones that stick out a bit. It can’t be said that he is cool. But he isn’t ugly enough that you’d point a finger at him. He is an average member of the school caste that could be found anywhere.

At 20 he’d be called a young man, at 30 he’d be called a middle aged man, once he crosses 40 his head will start becoming lonely and he’d be called a disgusting old man. Eventually, at 50, 60 he’d be called an elderly person. An appearance that looks like he’d have an uneventful life.

He’d worry about how other students view him, worry about how those of the opposite gender view him, worry about how society views him, about 6 percent of those people would experience love or sex. Eventually he’d become a marriageable average looking man. However, he’d neglect that period and eventually become a man that never had sex with anything other than sex workers.

His appearance was that average. No matter how you look at it, he’s an average looking man.

A face that the majority of the japanese have.

It’s because of that, that this situation makes his averageness stand out even more.

This isn’t a situation that an average man should be able to challenge.

Especially to be besides a beautiful girl like Rose, his existence is like a joke. For example, a genuine gun made of metal, you’d believe it was a plastic model the instant it is placed in his hand, that’s how average he was.

That is the deviation of Nishino’s face.

A face that belongs to an average life, and since it isn’t different from an average looking man, if you were to put it in these circumstances then only the bad points stick out and you’d get a strong sense of discomfort.

「….. I’ll excuse myself」

Furthermore he isn’t the type to care for appearances, nor the type to mind the opposite gender, and neither is he the type to care for society. Is it his origins, I am I, others are others, the owner of a personality that draws such lines.

He stands from the sofa without any hesitation.

He wants to hurry and buy the feet for his pet that he originally failed in. For the self proclaimed lone wolf with no friends, if there was someone he could relax his heart around, it is the hamster inside the cage in his room.

「W, wait!」

In response, Rose lets out a loud voice.

「….. There’s school tomorrow. I want to hurry and sleep」

「Ah, um, un, but……」

The beautiful girl opens her mouth in a very disorderly state.

And so, after being troubled by it, these were the words she suddenly let out.

「H, how about staying over?」


A very abrupt proposal, you cannot make any proper conclusion from it.

And it’s even more so when the other side is in the same business.

Nishino judged her question to be a joke. It was likely lipservice in order for him to not leave due to her not having a topic.

「Before you tease someone, you should properly pick your target. And I hate those type of jokes. If you still want to continue, then sorry but look for someone else.」

He uninterestedly answers and begins moving.

Suddenly, the appearance of Francesca who shows off her chest pops into his mind. This made his mood even worse. He understood that the one in front of him didn’t do anything wrong. But he couldn’t help but hate her.

In the direction he’s walking is the living room door that connects to the corridor.

「E, Ah! Wa, wait!? You’re wrong! Wait!」

What’s wrong, Nishino didn’t understand.

However, this way of talking was a frequent thing. Being an extremely ordinary asian looking man on the outside, wherever he goes he is taken lightly. Thanks to that he is used to dealing with it.

「Sorry but, I don’t take order from others」

With a curt rejection, the average man leaves Rose’s home.

「Ah, wai……」

The words of the house owner were in vain.

A short sound rings out as the living room door is open and closed.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The next day, the class in the first hour was the combined physical education.

Abiding to the school’s custom, the 4 classes of the same year are split into two for lessons. Today’s class had the options for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis. In other words, they are the designated ball games from the ministry of education.

Many boys go for soccer or basketball.

And the girls go to volleyball or table tennis.

It was the principles intention to not split the boys from the girls.

The man who currently works as the principle is a well educated rich kid that was at the bottom of the schools caste. After graduating from an average school with superior grades, he entered a famous national university in Tokyo and he had the chance to aim for a better career.

Following Rose, that is another unordinary thing in the exceedingly ordinary school.

Nevertheless, the vice-principal who knows of the circumstances restricted this information to only a few teachers. To the students he is just another bald old man. The principle may be somewhat young, but only the few students who know of society recognize this.

And that principle said this.

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, there are people that are bad at physical activities and there are people that are good at it. It’s fine if the former goes on to be the latter, and it’s fine if the latter takes it slowly. You should be able to make the choice. Go on and do your PE with that mentality.

As a result, we now have these class choices.

And due to that, ever year, the weak girls, and the the weak boys who gave up on having relationships with girls flow to table tennis. The latter group are especially enthusiastic about table tennis. Table tennis is the best, I love you table tennis. Table tennis is an easy victory. They are able to calm down because there are no riajuu.

It likelike table tennis is the oasis for losers.

And so, Nishino was also one of those losers.

For PE, It wasn’t much of a choice for the average man with no ambition. There were no expectations for him to enter soccer or basketball. He wouldn’t even know the rules. He’d be a first class traveler. He had no margin to choose.

It looks like he only stays at home, slouches, and does no exercise, in the future he will surely develop gastroptosis. It is realistic thought that his organs will soon lose there place and he’ll end up with a poor body.


In the second gym, he aims for the corner where the table tennis racks are lined up.

The tables are used for ping pong by different students.

The tables are used for ping pong by different students.

Two school boys who don’t know even know each other’s names.

He looks at that while thinking, how soon till class ends, and he calmly passes the time. In the classroom he’d look at his textbooks to pass time. However, it is hard to do in PE since there is nothing else to do.

For him, this is his average day.

Entering the school the year before, this second year will be just another part of his school life. Last year he did the same by watching the ball games in august. Like the other students who are excited about soccer and basketball when they first enter, it wasn’t as if he didn’t think of it. His heart did waver.

But after seeing how calm table tennis was, table tennis was the best.

He was being swallowed up in the calming atmosphere of table tennis.


That is why today too is the same as the week before, he sits in a corner of the second gymnasium. Calmly passing his time while waiting for the bell that marks the end of class.

However, on that day, there was a person who called out to him.

「Ara, you are here」

For some reason, a person wearing a training bib for basketball spoke to him.

「To be sitting in that place, could it be your feeling bad?」

「……. No?」

Nishino answered in amazement.

Standing in front of him was the figure of a highschool girl wearing a training  bib above her gym uniform.

It was Rose.

「As expected, that reaction is kind of lonely」


The attention of everyone playing table tennis in the second gymnasium is diverted to the figure of her in a training bib. The blonde hair that reaches below her waist is in a twintail today. In order to witness this, students asked the teachers to go to the bathroom in order to appear.

The sight of her hair swaying with her each and every moment is beautiful.

Many male students were captivated by it.

The female students had some jealousy. But even then, they yearned for her.

Just after appearing, the beautiful girl snatched away the surroundings. That is the what  Rose Rebmann is within the school. And it seems that she has some business with Nishino. She speaks in a loud voice to the average guy that was sitting on the floor while holding his knees.

「Do you want to play table tennis?」

Those eyes look at Nishino without wavering.

In her hands were two rackets.

「You’re wearing a bib?」

「I’ll take it off if it’s a hinderance」

「No, it’s not that……」

She lively. Far more lively than he is.

She immediately begins taking the bib off. If it was a big breasted female student, at the time the hem passed the breast then it would have surely swayed. However, she is the super highschool loli. Her flat chest would be buried under even a small piece of cloth.

At the time the bib was pulled above her chest, her gym uniform moved up, and her belly button was right in front of him, if he extended his hand then he would touch  it. The shape of the belly button in the center was beautiful. That tight abdomen of hers must be the result of daily exercise.

After Rose takes off the bib, she throws it to the wall and challenges him.

「Come on, let’s play table tennis」

「…… What about basketball?」

「I felt like playing table tennis today」


Just how much does she want to play table tennis, these were Nishino’s inner thoughts.

The girl called Rose, was the most famous person in the school. An existence that would be permitted to be called the school idol. Rather, she is already called that. Of course, the other students have started gathering. Nishino who hated this didn’t know what to do.

「There’s a crowd of girls over there. Why don’t you ask them?」

Nishino points with his gaze to a group of girls in table tennis that gathered. They noticed the Rose’s sudden appearance.

But other than them were also the boys who noticed her.

The school idol visited the social outcast, everyone was getting

「Oi, why is Rose-chan here?」「I thought she chose basketball」「I once went to see her in the first gymnasium」「She’s also cute in her bloomers」「Rather, why is she talking with Nishino?」「Nishino, you mean him?」「Yeah.  The one in class A」「The guy who’s always sitting in a corner」

While looking at Nishino and Rose talking to each other, the whispers of the others were being spread. Most of them had doubts as to why the school Idol was talking to the dull male student.

And on the other side, most of the female students were thinking of Rose.

「Rose-chan really is cute」「I’m like really jealous of that blonde hair」「Right. It’s like the limits of the japanese? I totally get you」「Eh-? Is that so? She’s certainly cute, but it isn’t that much」「Don’t you want to touch those thighs?」「Am I not good with foreigners?」「I want a little sister like that」「Ah, I also thought that」

Most were talking about Rose. For the boys that were there, and the girls that are into human relationships, the thought that something might happened between Nishino and Rose had never crossed their mind.

But, there was still some jealousy from those of the same sex.

From the color of her hair, skin, and pupil, for better or for worse, it was completely different from the other students, and it’s because of that that everyone gathered. That is what the girl called Rose is.

「…… Sorry but I’m going to the bathroom」

He must’ve decided that the situation wasn’t good as it was.

Nishino starts moving immediately.

He stands up in a cheerful manner and heads for the second gymnasiums exit.

「Ah, wait!」

Rose’s legs immediately moved after him.

To this, Nishino whispers to her in a quiet voice.

「…… If you have any business then I’ll hear it after school」


The tone of his voice dropped a bit. That was the voice he uses for business.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, in the ending home room.

「We’ll start the culture festival preparations next week. You can make preparations after school, but don’t think of staying overnight. The teachers plan to make rounds at 9. That and as for handing tools, be careful with fire and chemical」

The words of the teacher as he leaves the classroom.

Starting next week, Tsunuma High School will have the first two class periods to make preparations. Since the week before it was said that they’ll prepare for the culture festival starting next week after school. What every class and sport club will be doing is the usual.

For an normal high school, this is one of the most popular events.

「…… Culture festival」

Nishino mutters.

He had business the year before and was absent.

Speaking of which, what will they do this year.

When that question pops into mind, a students stands upon the teachers platform. A female student that studies under the same teacher. She is the heart of the class, and is also the class representative.

Her name is Shimizu Chikako.

「Can I have your attention!」

She speaks to the students in the class that the teacher left.

「Like sensei said, the preparations for the culture festival start next week, but the program for this year will take some time preparing. So, if there are any volunteers then this weekend, in other words, I thought of starting the preparations this saturday!」

The lively voice resounds in the classroom.

From her appearance she’d be among the top 5 beauties of her year. Medium straight black hair that many female high schoolers have. Long eyelashes with big pupils, and a firm body to match. Her extracurricular activity is the swimming club.

「With that said, are there any boys that want to help out? I already gathered a number of girls,so now we need about, 3, 4 boys to help with the work. Mainly to carry luggage, so that’s it!」

Shimizu excitedly continues her explanation.

「During our break, seriously!?」

A boy raised his voice.

「I’m serious!」

She gives a reply full of spirit.

「A cosplay tea house was it?」

「That’s right! There’s a lot to think about isn’t there?」

Shimizu enthusiastically replied to the voice.

It must also be because of her lovely appearance, but the boys who stand up were the ones who couldn’t ignore what was being said. The girls on the other hand already knew about this, so they calmly look at the chain of events.

「Cosplay teahouse……」

Nishino grasped the program for this year from the conversation between Shimizu and the male students.

A cosplay teahouse for the culture festival. This type of event is simple. This type of program is an excellent way to satisfy everyone, whether it’s those who are obsessed with craving attention, or those who have interest in the opposite sex.

「In that case, any cool guys that want to help, raise your hand!」

「Uwaa, raising the hurdle that high from the get go」

「Seriously!? Rather, I’m not even a candidate」

「Ah,  Tanabe and Suzuki will do it? Thank you」

The names that were said belong to two male students.

The good looking men who are at the top of the school caste. The good looking men who acknowledge it themselves. It is because they know that they are good looking themselves that they can do such an action. By choosing these handsome men the girls can appeal themselves to them.

Shimizu too, she writes down their names on the black board as if she got lucky.

「Two isn’t enough, so are there two others that can please help!」

She looks around the classroom with both hands in front of her face as if praying.

That gaze keeps going past the area where the handsome boys are located. With glances, other than Tanabe and Suzuki, the two, three others she hopes for, she is indirectly directing the attention towards them.

In that way, according to her intention they’d participate in the preparations along with the other girls.


To Nishino this was something he had no connection to.

As soon as he realized her intention, his awareness moved from the classroom. He absentmindedly gazes out the window, and thinks about where to buy his dinner for the evening. He’s tired of the convenience store bentos, so he thought it was about time to look for something new.

During that, the names of a few more assistants were chosen.

「Then, Tanabe, Suzuki, Yamada, and Takeuchi-kun, thank you for helping! We’ll discuss the arrangements after this, so I’d be glad if you can come to the classroom after club activities. Ah, if it looks like you’re going to be late, then please contact me!」

She must’ve successfully chosen the handsome boy she aimed for. A smile rises on Shimizu’s face. There are also several other female students that make a guts pose. In fact, the female students had a secret plan unrelated to the culture festival, it was to make the target, Takeuchi-kun fall in love.

Takeuchi-kun is the number one good looking guy in the class.

Medium bleached light brown hair with a wolf cut that was his trademark. Along with his well ordered face, a height that crosses over 180 centimeters, and an age that is greater than a second year high schooler, his dignity and intelligence appealed to them.

He is the most popular male student within the school year.

Naturally, the girls who aim for him are many. And so, many girls have taken on the same hunting mission. Shimizu herself is at the top of the entrance list. There will be no hard feeling for whoever get him. With that secret agreement, many girls decided to take part in this last night.

Even beyond the culture festival, this is the embodiment of the girls proposal to settle it without a quarrel. Takeuchi-kun isn’t your boyfriend. It’s the same for you. Then let’s settle it. Then there are no reservations on the culture festival. Such were the conditions.

And so, the unpopular boys of the class who are distant from the opposite sex didn’t notice the girls scheme. The ones who understood this were only the ones who were among the top of the caste. Really now, Takeuchi again, they look on with such a face, a few dissatisfied faces are shown. But the person himself seems to be feigning ignorance.

The lively preparations for the culture festival continue advancing.

In the midst of that, the door at the back of the classroom is opened.


The one who shows her face from the hall is Rose.

Gurara, the door is opened, it’s already after school, so why is everyone in there seats. And also, the teacher isn’t seen either. Naturally many gazes gathered on her, now what is going to happen.

She hesitates a bit after receiving the attention of the whole class.

Naturally, Shimizu who is on the platform also looks at her. In the front and back of the classroom, their gazes mixed together. The one who opens her mouth is Shimizu. It must’ve been done to help Rose who wasn’t sure what was happening.

「Are, Rose-san? Do you need something?」

「Sorry. Are you still having homeroom?」

「Uun, that isn’t quite right」

「Is that so? But somehow……」

「It’s fine to ignore it? We were just talking a bit about the culture festival. The bell already rang and the teacher’s back at the staff room. So, what do you need? Can it be you have business with someone?」

Shimizu asks Rose with a friendly attitude.

And so, she glances in Nishino’s direction.

「I have some business with Nishino-kun」


Shimizu opened her mouth the moment that familiar name was mentioned.

「He’s in this class isn’t he? Rather, he’s there」

Without any hesitation, she enters the classroom. Without worrying about anyone else she briskly walks between the gaps in the desks and heads to the person she was looking for. And so, Nishino who’s on his seat, faces Rose who is now standing besides him.

The whole class tensed up.

Everyone looking at this was astonished. Why does she have business with someone like Nishino. Without saying it, there expressions clearly showed it. This is the same for the handsome boys who were brought up before.

「…… What is it?」

「Well, you’re the one who said after school」


Why now of all the times, the average man thought that in his heart.

Nishino was feeling uncomfortable from all the attention gathered on him.

The ones whose name Shimizu raised, Tanabe, Yamada, and Suzuki would have been able to handle this situation in a more appropriate way. They are the second year A class students with communication skills that match their looks.

However, this was unfortunately left to the average boy.

「Is now fine?」

「…… It’s okay」

Nishino stands form his seat with a small nod.

He decided it to be the option that would do the least damage. He takes his bag that’s on the side of his desk and leaves the classroom accompanied by Rose. Garagara. The door is closed as they leave the classroom.

Afterwards, there was a great ruckus in the class.

「Wait, what did they mean by that?」「Why is Rose-chan with Nishino!?」「No way!」「Do they have the same club?」「No way, Nishino’s in the go home club」「No, he always leaves without delay. I’m also in the go home club」「Uwaa, I’m really interested in it though」

The situation in the class is different from the one from when they faced each other in the second gymnasium.  For her to go and call him in his class. Besides even the male students, even the female students begin to come up with many rumors.

The boys and girls begin to imagine what is happening beyond the closed door.

The boys and girls who are interested in love affairs try to understand what Rose’s intention was. The same sex were thinking that they looked better, and the girls took a secret pleasure from thinking their boyfriend was better. It was schadenfreude.

The former who only think with their lower half were jealous. Especially the bashing from other average looking boys like Nishino. On the other side were the handsomes boys who were trying to keep their pride intact and showed nothing on the outside, but their mouths were still hung open.

Apart from those boys and girls, there were others. The boys and girls who already gave up, continued playing their mobile games without caring. Some formed a party beyond the terminal, and others made hunting chats.

For better or worse, tomorrow is a saturday, a day of rest.   

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