Ibusou v5 Illustrations

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Illustrations Ok, this is the last post. All the illustrations are already linked in the comments for v4, but posting them myself makes it feel like I reached a milestone.Hopefully…

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Ibusou v4c7

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Chapter 7 Only the afterwords left but as usual I'll just post that whenever I get to it since it doesn't take much time.Now that this volume is essentially done,…

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Ibusou v4c6 part 2

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Part 2 So one chapter left but it's pretty much finished.I'm also probably gonna make a page for terms. Right now I have everything on a doc but it's a…

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Ibusou v4c5 part 2

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Part 2 Maria appeared in the newest manga chapter of Ibusou!!!!!! It might just be that it grew on me, but I really like the manga now. But I don't…

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Ibusou v4c5 part 1

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Part 1 Reaper's cute and Lowen's a good guy. Hopefully nothing bad happens to them. But considring how this novel is....Some good news, I might be able to finish this…

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