Nishino v3c6

Chapter 6I got too lazy to post the past two days, but at least I finished the volume. All that's left is editing so I'll probably post the rest tomorrow,…

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Nishino v3c4

Chapter 4I think this is the chapter I had the most difficulty with so far, so if there's anything that feels really off then just comment about it. So in…

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Nishino v3c3

Chapter 3 Here's the new chapter. Since the rest of the chapters for Nishino aren't long I'm gonna try to release a chapter a day, but no promises.Preview for next…

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Nishino v3c2

Chapter 2This is a lengthy chapter for Nishino, plus there's the fact that I'm in the middle of my midterms, so this took a while to come out.Before I was…

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Isekai Meikyuu v3c2

Chapter 2 Cough Cough, sorry everyone, this might be be the end for me, I might have caught the deadly anime cold. (´×ω×`) But really, I haven't gotten sick in…

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Nishino v3c1

Chapter 1Thank Risa-chan for this chapter, if it wasn't for her then it probably would've taken longer to come out. I don't like Matsuura-san so it's her fault that this…

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