Nishino v4c0

Chapter 0 I'm used to these things just being a recap, but this one actually had new stuff in it and made me think I might've missed a chapter in…

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Ibusou v4c1 Part 2

Part 2This is it for Ibusou for now. Like I said before I'll try doing the editing thing while translating Nishino. I don't think it should take that long to…

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Ibusou v4 Illustrations

IllustrationsSo in the short amount of time I had since I posted the afterward, I've been thinking. Instead of going right to Ibusou's fourth volume, maybe I should translate Nishino…

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Ibusou v3c7

Chapter 7I hate Belial now, got him again and I still haven't even gotten rat. Am I really gonna be forced to spark.Well this is the end of the chapter…

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Ibusou v3c6

Chapter 6Some things to note, I think I translated one of Palinchlon magics as spirit magic before, that's now mental magic, and Gladiator -> Gradient -> Gladiate! I, I'm pretty…

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Ibusou v3c5 part 2

Part 2I suck at translating chants. Already finished the volume so I should hopefully get it by tomorrow. Also, didn't get Shalem from Roulette. (T▽T)

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