Nishino v2c9

Chapter 9Last short story and with this Volume 2 is done. Hard to believe this only took me two weeks when the first volume took me 6 months. I feel…

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Nishino v2c6

Chapter 6Think I might've messed up a few things this chapter. But either way here's chapter 6.Also, I'll try to post the rest of the volume today.

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Nishino v2c5

Chapter 5Culture festival finally ended and hopefully the treatment towards Nishino improves from now on.Still haven't started translating the next chapter so next time I release will probably be the…

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Nishino v2c4

Chapter 4Pretty long chapter, and this is the chapter that annoyed me the most. And some news on instant messiah. I've been wanting to read isekai meikyuu no saishinbu wo…

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Nishino v2c3

Chapter 3As pointed out, it looks like I had Rose's name correct all along. It's a good thing I was to lazy to go back and change it.

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Nishino v2c2

Chapter 2I made a grave mistake. I don't know how it happened but for a whole volume I thought the dot on top of Rose's last name was a quotation…

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