That day, after finishing the culture festival preparations for the day, together with the students from the neighboring class, Rose went to the business district. Where they met up was in a karaoke box. It was a party room that was a bit wider than the usual ones.

「How are you, Rose-chan?」

Takeuchi-kun sits next to her.

In the same way as the salary men sit during their drinking parties, from the chief seat, to the bottom, the students scurried around while securing their seat according to the school caste.

Speaking of the arrangements, there where two or three ikemen. Around them where the especially cute girls. Outside of them where the girls below the highest rank, and the outliers were the futsumen and lower.

That was the caste of class 2-A.

From the outside, the girls have already formed their groups, and the leftover boys could only find their own seats. If Nishino was present, then he’d certainly be in that group. In fact, that’s what some of the boys think.

However, at least for today there was one exception.

「It’s my first time doing Karaoke, so I can’t say anything」

「Is that so? Do they not really have these overseas?」

「At least where I was born they don’t」

It was Rose.

Being escorted by Takeuchi-kun, Rose was brought to the deepest part of the room. Because of that, there were no girls that were aiming for him that thought she wasn’t a nuisance. Even the girls who were aiming for a different ikemen, they were all panicking.

「Fuun? In that case, do you want to sing with me? I’ve heard a fair amount of western music, so if there’s a song that Rose-chan knows, then I might be able to read it. Is there a singer you like? 」

Takeuchi-kun explained what karaoke is to Rose with a smile on his face.

All the other girls were frustrated at this. If she weren’t here, then many of the other girls would be able to sit closer to Takeuchi-kun. Their faces were changing from envy to discontent.

However, it was no exaggeration to say that the girl Takeuchi-kun was escorting is at the summit of the caste. There was no way they could voice their complaints. If they did, then by tomorrow they’d lose their place in the class.

「Singing isn’t my strong point. If I were to choose, then I prefer listening」

「Is that so? Then you should first hear everyone else sing. During that time, you might find a song you want to sing. Actually I also like listening more than singing. If you want to, how about Rose-chan tells me her favorite artist?」

Since Takeuchi-kun was from a different class, he didn’t have many interactions with Rose, so he was making full use of this moment. In order to strengthen their ties from tomorrow onward, he was trying with all his might to discover his partners interests.

And on the other hand, the blonde haired lolita sitting next to him splendidly dodged.

The songs have already begun flowing in the room, and the sight of the enthusiastic students with mics in hand were seen. In their hands were drinks that were delivered by the employees. Other than Takeuchi-kun and his surroundings, everyone else was enjoying the night after school.

「Since Rose-chan’s voice is beautiful, maybe this one……」

With the device to choose the songs in hand, Takeuchi-kun goes on the attack.

In order to strike back, she asks a question.

「Is Nishino-kun from class 2-A not here?」

「…… Eh?」

Takeuchi-kun was surprised at the name of his classmate that he never expected. 

After all, the name that came out of her mouth belongs to the person in class who stands out the least. Considering Rose’s position in the school, nobody ever thought they’d have a connection.

「Do you not know? Then I’ll ask another……」

「Ah, aah, no, I know. I know, Rose-chan. It’s the guy you where with during yesterday’s lunch right?」

「Eeh, that’s right」

「What about Nishino? Could it be, he’s harassing you?」

Nishino and Rose, their faces couldn’t even be compared, so what came out of Takeuchi-kun’s mouth was only natural to him.

It wasn’t as if he meant harm. But to him, the value of your face is the most is the most important parameter in life. When it’s concerning someone suspicious, he hands down a strict judgement similar to police questioning.

Thanks to that, Rose understood the position of Nishino in class 2-A.

「Can it be, you dislike him?」

「Aah no, it’s not like that, look, Nishino really isn’t the type to voice his opinions right? When those types of boys fall in love, they can suddenly get aggressive, and it can turn into something terrible」

「…… That may be so」

「And so, what about Nsihino? You can ask me if you’re fine with it?」

Takeuchi-kun stretches his arm to the back of Rose’s seat.

But he still didn’t manage to touch her shoulder with his finger tip.

「Then I’ll take you up on your offer?」

「It’s fine, I’ll listen to anything」

Because of the fact that Nishino is【Normal】, the investigation into this personal details was already done by Francesca. The information was also shared with Rose beforehand. So what she wants, is information that wasn’t on the report. 

It was for that reason that she decided to accept the karaoke invitation in front of Nishino.

Everything was done for that.

「How does Nishino-kun pass his time during his lunch break?」

「Lunch break? Aah, who knows. It feels like he reads books in his chair, or maybe he doesn’t. He pretty much has no friends, and he rarely raises his voice. There isn’t really much to see from the outside?」

「Fuun? Then I’ll have to change the angle in order to confirm it, but……」

From here on, Rose continued asking Takeuchi-kun questions about Nishino.

And they were thrown one after another without reservation.

The one who was being asked, attempted to change the topic at every chance he had.

Rose desired for information on Nishino, but Takeuchi-kun was getting desperate for information on Rose. He at least wanted to learn at least one hobby, otherwise, how would he be able to approach her tomorrow.

However, no matter how much he tried, the result was always the same.

Nishino, Nishino, Nishino, those were the only words coming from Rose’s mouth.

As expected, Takeuchi-kun was getting angry.

It wasn’t because he was working for Rose, but because the name of another man kept flowing out. For Takeuchi-kun who tried his utmost to change this, he was only rewarded with the word, Nishino.

If he had to say it, then the fact that the one being spoken of was Nishino wasn’t good.

It was a futsumen that was being brought up. He had no friends, and he was in the lower middle of the school caste. It’s because of him, that even though Takeuch-kun was using the best of this chance, the distance between Rose didn’t shorten.

That was for example, wanting a change of pace after a long day of work, but your computer didn’t turn on no matter what. Even if you were patient with it, if it did nothing then nothing would change.

And so, Takeuchi-kun came to a conclusion about the guy named Nsihnio.

Thus, that Nishino guy, is irritating.

Even though they barely even spoke, the evaluation of Nishino inside of Takeuchi-kun dropped. It isn’t only because he is a futsumen. Even if it was an ikemen, Takeuchi-kun would treat him like a rival with the lowest respect.

It was because of such a thing, that the future of the two boys was decided.

And the conversation between Takeuchi-kun and Rose had the words Nsihino from start to finish, and before they knew it, the mic was already passed many times and it was quite hot. It was from a female student with sweat dripping down.

「Takeuchi-kun should sing too!」

The device to choose music was passed back to the ikemen.

It was a brilliant interruption without offending Rose. It was a suicide attack supported by the other girls who aimed for Takeuchi-kun. This much communication should be natural for them.

And Takeuchi-kun couldn’t find a reason to reject this.

However, before he knew it Rose spoke.

「Thank you, it was very informative」

「Eh? Ah, Rose-chan……」

With a smile on her face, Rose got up from her seat.

Switching with the girl that held the mic, she separates from Takeuchi-kun. Naturally, the girls around the ikemen aimed for the rights to the seat. Dressed in natural movements, they close the distance between Takeuchi-kun. It was like a children’s game. A harem.

Like this, not even the number one ikemen in class could chase after Rose.

On the other hand, the one who left Takeuchi-kun headed to another male student.

「Hey, do you have some time? There’s something I’d like to ask……」


The one who was asked jumped in surprise. 

Because the one Rose was speaking to, among the students there, was the one at the lowest of the caste.

Getting carried away by the culture festival preparations, he went along with his classmates, there weren’t any friends he got along with there, and not being familiar with anyone, it was quite hard, so was what he was thinking.

Thus what appeared on his face was a mix of surprise and bewilderment.

Without minding this, she repeats the same questions she asked Takeuchi-kun. What flowed out of her mouth was Nishino, Nishino, Nishino. And so, Rose managed to get the information of her target from the students of class 2-A.

As it was after school and they weren’t at school, everyone present was somewhat loose lipped. Because of that, she didn’t have a hard time getting the information she desired. 

What she discovered from this, the person called Nishino, is quiet, to say it more plainly, he’s a student who doesn’t stand out. Furthermore he has nothing like a friend. And as Takeuchi-kun said, he rarely ever spoke with anyone else.

She already heard from Francesica’s report that he had few friends. But after searching some more it wasn’t even a few. Perhaps, there was no one in the school that he spoke with, such was her conclusion.

Thanks to that Rose was able to discover something.


A natural smile appeared on her face. 

Good thing I came here, she was singing her praises on the inside. Because she was so merry, that smile caused the other girls to raise their voices.

「Rose-chan, what’s wrong? Why’re you smiling all of a sudden」

「Uun, it’s nothing. I just thought of something good」

「I, I see?」

Rose leaves her seat in a good mood.

All of a sudden, she takes the mic that was rolling on the table.

「If you’d like, do you want to sing this song with me? It’s the one I’m familiar with」

「Eh? S, seriously?」

「I won’t force you if you don’t want to…..」

「No no no, don’t even think about it, Rose-chan!」

Joking around with the boy, the song was a retro enka duet.

The blonde haired lolita was clapping along.

In the future, many boys with an interest in enka will approach her.

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